It is very important for us to know and understand the actual and future requirements of our customers and the market. We always make sure to be well informed about the requests of our clients and to meet and satisfy their requirements.

We are working according to the rules of international quality mangement system ISO 9001:2015 and the regulations of SQAS assessment of Cefic in Brussles since many years.

We have long-term contracts with our reliable carriers and we are already cooperating with some of them since more than two decades. We are using carreers of different nationalities but mostly Turkish trucks. All equipments are on the most modern technical levels and correspond with laws, rules and regulations regarding technic, security and environment.

Due to our obligations of ISO and SQAS the technical equipments of our careers are regularily controlled to guarantee a safe and smooth transport handling at any time.

Damages of cargo - this expression is almost unknown to our company. We are very proud of having a damage rate of less than 0,1 % over the last couple of years.