Company's policy

We are not all-rounders - we just do what we know very well!

In our markets we are specialized and have experience of decades. Our experts can help you in all matters and will always find the best and most competitive solutions for your tranport requirements.

This guideline is very important for us and we follow it without "ifs and buts". We only offer routes and regions where we always can guarantee top services. Only with the special knowledge for these destinations we are able to compete and survive against the huge "Global Players".

Our flexibility and consideration of indiviual customer requirements are our special factor.

The main capital of our company is our "human power" with well experienced and highly qualified staffs. We are offering only our special service products with the traffics to Turkey, Iran, Iraq, the Near and Middle East as well as for the Caucasus region and the CIS states. We can offer you services by overland, air and sea, special transports with high weights and big dimensions as well as temperature controlled transports and transports of hazardous cargos.

Theory and practice - balanced due to the requirements of our customers

  • Quick and on-time action instead of delayed reaction
  • Security is more important than economic efficiency - Safety first!
  • Constant controll of our srvices with necessary admendments and improvements
  • Direct communication with our customers and partners
  • Continuous education of our staffs
  • Careful selection of reliable transporters and partners
  • Using our influence in discussions with our carriers for purchasing of new equipment under consideration of safety and environment
  • Education of truck drivers regarding environment and security
  • Absolut observation of all security standards specially for transports of hazardous cargos to avoid any harms to persons, things and environment
  • Creativity to find the best individual solutions for our customers
  • Flexibility to fulfill special requirements of our customers


Theory and practice

we fill them with life every day.